Your Assignment consists of two parts:

Your Assignment consists of two parts:

Part One: Read the Executive Summary (p. 3 of the Gauchito Project Plan Final file) and the Project Charter (pp. 99–104 of the Gauchito Project Plan Final file) of the Gauchito reusable commercial launch vehicle entry to the Asari X-Prize competition.

Write a draft project charter for your sponsor’s signature, using the Gauchito rocket project charter as an example. For your project charter, use your imagination and write about one of the following project types: 1. a home-improvement project, 2. a gardening project, 3. a website creation project, 4. a corporate office move of several departments of workers from one building to another located in the same city, 5. a family vacation, or 6. a wedding. For creating your draft charter, fill in the Michael Greer Project Charter worksheet template (in Doc Sharing). Check your filled-in Project Charter worksheet template against the grading criteria to make sure you have included everything.

Part Two: Using what you have learned from the texts, the websites and the PMBOK Guide, and what you understand from the given WBS at tracked level (in Appendix WT of the Gauchito file, pp. 19–21) and the fully decomposed Work Breakdown Structure (pp. 113–118 of Appendix D of the Gauchito file in Doc Sharing), complete the Assignment for Part 2 by developing a fully decomposed

Assignment Grading Rubric

Course: IT301 Unit: 2 Points: 55

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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your new project (home-improvement, gardening, website creation, corporate office move, family vacation, or wedding). Identify your Level 1 task with the name of your project and create a WBS for it which includes three sub-levels. Your WBS should contain at least five Level 2 tasks, twenty Level 3 tasks, and ten Level 4 tasks, Using Word®, answer the following questions:

• What are the deliverables?

• What are the tasks? The subtasks? The work packages?

• How do you know if you have decomposed your WBS activities far enough?

• Does the information given allow for control of the project? Why, or why not?

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