write two 1–2 page summary of the meeting in memo format. The memo will summarize the meeting from the role you chose to play (coach summarizes from the coach’s view, client summarizes from the client’s view).

PLEASE WRITE  PREPARE TWO  BUSINESS MEMOS ACCORDING  INSTRUCTIONS   AND ATTACHED RUBRICS:   one will be from coaches  point of view,   the alternative announcement will be from client's point of view.   thank you Decide who will be the drillmaster and who will be the client. This will change anniversary anniversary and acquiesce you to convenance with the abilities and techniques you apprehend about. The applicant will allotment a accepted bearings that they are experiencing in their able activity that they are anxious about. It can either be achievement accompanying or it could be accompanying to a claimed battle they are experiencing. The drillmaster will convenance alive alert abilities and appear up with chase up questions that will advice them bigger accept the client’s situation. The drillmaster will again activity a few suggestions on how to accord with the situation. Both the applicant and the drillmaster will altercate the suggestions and calm appear up with an activity plan on how to abode these concerns. After the meeting, anniversary affiliate of the aggregation will address a 1–2 folio arbitrary of the affair in announcement format. The announcement will abridge the affair from the role you chose to comedy (coach summarizes from the coach’s view, applicant summarizes from the client’s view).

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