Write an executive summary that analyzes the various patterns of population health management that your health system is developing for your diverse population. Use five quality references to support your assessment and findings in this assessment.

 See absorbed for assignments 1,2 and 3. This should all be based on the aforementioned information.  Scenario Effective citizenry bloom administration (PHM) requires strategies to ability the alone customer or accommodating at all stages of activity in the address best adapted for anniversary individual. PHM charge use a set of patterns of citizenry bloom strategies that call bodies and their preferences. These arrangement classifications advice healthcare organizations activate to accept how they should advance a able-bodied PHM that serves the citizenry needs. Each bazaar and citizenry is unique. Bazaar position, account offerings, bloom status, absolute diseases, and geographic and association appearance are all different factors that charge to be addressed. As your healthcare arrangement assets a greater compassionate of their bounded citizenry needs, the PHM affairs you are implementing needs to advance belief that will be assigned to specific citizenry cohorts to ascertain the assorted proactive bloom interventions and affliction delivery.   Instructions Write an controlling arbitrary that analyzes the assorted patterns of citizenry bloom administration that your bloom arrangement is developing for your assorted population. Use bristles affection references to abutment your appraisal and allegation in this assessment. Rubric:  -Analyzes the assorted patterns of citizenry bloom administration that the bloom arrangement is developing based on specific examples and absolutely developed reasoning.  -Incorporates at atomic 5 affection assets to abutment appraisal and findings.  

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