write a 400-600 word response explaining whether you think the quote is true or not true.

“How My Mind Came Back to Life and No One Knew by Martin Pistorius.”Watch the video


Watch the following Ted Talk about a man who lost and then regained his ability to communicate.  Once you have watched the talk, pick 1 quotations (given below) and write a400-600 wordresponse explaining whether you think the quote is true or not true.  In your responses you should:

Identify the quotation you chose.

Explain whether you agree or disagree with the response

Use these terms in your response: Listening, Communication, Understanding.

Provide two examples from the Ted Talk to support your response

Provide two examples from your personal life or society in general to support your response

Use college-level grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

  • Quotes:
  • “Communication is what makes us human, enabling us to connect on the deepest level with those around us – telling our own stories, expressing wants, needs and desires or hearing those of others by really listening. All this is how the world knows who we are? So who are we without it?”
  • “Most of us never think twice about talking, communicating.” – Martin Pistorius
  • “I discovered that true communication is about more than merely physically conveying a message. It is about getting the message heard and respected.”

  • “Our words, however we communicate them, are just as powerful whether we speak the words with our own voices, type them with our eyes, or communicate them non-verbally to someone who speaks them for us, word are amongst our most powerful tools.”
  • “True communication increases understanding and creates a more caring and compassionate world.”
  • “We are told that actions speak louder than words. But I wonder, do they?”
  • “I used the power of words and will to challenge the preconceptions of those around me and those I had of myself.”

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