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Are you unsure about the number of words you need for your speech

Are you unsure about the number of words you need for your speech? You can use our words to minutes converter to figure out how many words your speech or presentation should have. Indicate either the number of words or minutes by using the switch button.

Have you ever had to make a speech or presentation in class on any topic or on the main points of your research paper? If you have, then you have faced a situation even speaker faces on the day before the presentation. You have to get the right number of words to present your topic within the time allocated to you. Normally, what comes to your mind is practicing your speech a few times to see how much time it takes on average. However, if your speech is, say, 10-minute or longer, and you need to adjust your word count to suit your limited time, you will have to deliver it severally before you can settle on the perfect length. This process is very tedious and does not always work since you are probably doing this at the last minute.

Advantages of using our speech calculator

Using our tool has many advantages over any other solution:

  • You know how many words you need to purge from or add to your presentation to fit into the allocated time;
  • You know exactly how long your current speech will take and whether you need to adjust it accordingly;
  • You will be able to quickly trim your 5-minute speech to a shorter length if necessary;
  • You save the time you’d otherwise spend testing your speech length several times

Don’t worry about not meeting the requirements of your conference any longer. Simply use our speech calculator and concentrate on writing the best speech you can.

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