Wk 6: International Plastics, Inc., Security Plan and RFP Presentation [due Mon]

   Assignment Content     The controlling aggregation is annoyed with all the technology recommendations they accept received. They afresh bidding affair with the aegis of their systems and data. They accept that abacus these new technologies will actualize added issues with security. The activity alpha date is approaching, so they would like to see your arrangement aegis plan with your final Request for Angle (RFP) presentation to the controlling team. This angle presentation will be area the controlling aggregation decides on their abutting footfall with this project. Write a 2- to 3-page arrangement aegis plan that includes archive or explanations of the following: Hardware that can be implemented in the IT basement to advice with security Software that can be implemented in the IT basement to advice with security Technology that can be acclimated to assure the company’s data Technology that can be acclimated to adviser the IT operations Final recommendations Actualize a 10- to 12-slide media-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with abundant apostle addendum to present at the RFP affair with the CEO and his controlling team. Include the afterward in your presentation: Summary of the accepted infrastructure Recommendations for improvement Updated arrangement drawings Relevant graphics, images, videos, audio, etc. Note: Refer to the recommended Lynda.com® video for added abetment creating a media-rich presentation. Summary of the ERP arrangement administration plan Summary of e-commerce recommendation Summary of aegis recommendations References cited in APA format Include at atomic 3 bookish references. Submit one Word book and one PowerPoint book only. No zip files. There should be two files submitted for this appointment in one acquiescence (you can attach two files in one attempt).

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