Wk 2, MGT 526: DR 2

APA format 100-200 word 2 peer-reviewed references Respond to the following:   Diane Roberts 4:24 AM Hi Everyone, Welcome to Anniversary Two! This anniversary we will be discussing the strategies of a company. What is strategy? According to Watkins- "A business action is a set of allegorical attempt that, back announced and adopted in the organization, generates a adapted arrangement of accommodation making".(2007, para. 2) Time Administration abilities is a allotment of the planning process. How are all of you managing your time? You can plan your circadian work, claimed activity and your career. It is all allotment of planning. Harvard Business Review has a acceptable commodity on Time Management- Getting More Assignment Done in Less Time. See the link. Getting More Assignment Done Another affair this anniversary is on Belief and Social Responsibility. Ethics begins with administration and in their roles as they set the date that shows the standards of ethical conduct. Have you apparent belief in participatory planning? I look forward to audition your thoughts in this weeks altercation forums. Thank you! Diane Roberts Reference Watkins, M. D. (2017, March 21). Demystifying Strategy: The What, Who, How, and Why. Harvard Business Review. 

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