wk 2 acct post

 Choose 1 and address 250 words... Discuss the basics of Stock Transactions and Dividends. Why is accretion actor amount such an important administration activity? Prove your acknowledgment by referencing a business advertisement (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.) commodity in abutment of your answer. . Discuss the basics of Long-Term Liabilities: Bonds and Notes. What are the absolute impacts and the abrogating impacts of Long-Term Liabilities? Abutment your acknowledgment with a business advertisement commodity (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.). . Why is the administration of these Long-Term Liabilitiessuch an important activity? Prove your acknowledgment with abusiness advertisement commodity (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.). . Discuss the basics of the Statement of Cash Flows. Select a aggregation and accomplish a quick assay and altercate implications. Research the internet to abutment your discussion. . Discussion Forum:  Students are accepted to actively participate in the in the appointment discussion. A minimum of 3 absolute accord posts (minimum 250 words) appropriate to acquire abounding accord points. Guidelines for apprentice appointment discussion/participation: *Select a adolescent student's acknowledgment and analyze and adverse your thoughts with theirs; *Advance the conversation; accommodate a real-world appliance and empiric examples; *Conceptually altercate your key [most significant] acquirements acumen or take-away from the called appointment affair comments. *Responses should be a minimum of 250 words, accurate by at atomic one reference, either acknowledging or agitation your position.

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