wk 1 discussion

    Introduction to Personality Theories Introduction: The purpose of this appointment is to accommodate you with an compassionate of personality theories, accurately the five-factor model. Personality access helps acquaint psychologists’ access to compassionate academician systems and behavior. This appointment fulfills/supports: Module Outcome: 1 Course Outcome: 2 General Education Competencies: 2, 4 The Assignment: For this Discussion Board, complete the afterward steps: Step 1 Review the assorted affection theories, advantageous appropriate absorption to the Big Five. Step 2 Choose a fabulous appearance from a book, tv show, or movie. Think about how you would rank that appearance forth anniversary of the apparatus of the five-factor model. Step 3 In your antecedent post, thoroughly altercate anniversary of the following: Give some abrupt accomplishments about the appearance (no added than one paragraph). Using the five-factor archetypal (the Big Five), accommodate two (2) observations for how your appearance fits EACH factor. For example, if I chose Winnie the Pooh, I would accommodate two observations about him that explain why I accept he array aerial on openness, two observations for why I accept he array low on conscientiousness, two observations for why I accept he array low on extroversion, etc. You should accept a absolute of ten (10) observations. Your antecedent column should be in commodity format—no ammo points. Back up your observations with advice from the textbook; be abiding to accommodate advice from the arbiter to advice explain your position. In alternative words, your explanations should authenticate your compassionate of the five-factor model. Citing Sources: You charge use APA appearance to advertence your source(s) at the end of your submission.  For this assignment, you charge accommodate advertence advice for your arbiter and for the commodity you chose.  Advice on how to architecture advertence advice in APA appearance (including a advertence generator) can be begin on the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) website at: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html (opens in a new window) Acceptable Length: 300-500 chat (minimum) antecedent post; 2-3 book responses to at atomic THREE classmates.

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