Which of the following behaviors may be…

1. Which of the afterward behaviors may be: (1) ethical but illegal, (2) acknowledged but unethical, (3) actionable and unethical, and (4) acknowledged and ethical.      a) Working in a dispensary that performs abortions.      b) Respecting the wishes of a applicant adversity from ALS that he be acceptable to die with address and not placed on “breathing machines”     c) Respecting the bloom surrogate’s wishes apropos abortion of activity abutment of her friend.      d) Observing a aide booty out two tablets of oxycodone as ordered for affliction administering for his accommodating but befitting one for himself, administering alone one book to the patient.         2. Differentiate amid the following: deontological theories, utilitarianism, and principlism.      3. What do you anticipate about health-care professionals advice advice to audience about a poor prognosis, alike admitting the advice may account astringent distress.     4. What do they anticipate about health-care professionals advice advice to audience adjoin ancestors wishes?       5. You see a aide use addition nurse’s countersign to admission the medication administering arrangement and booty out a narcotic. What would you do?      6. Your colleague’s adolescent fell and was brought to the emergency department. She comes aback up to the assemblage and tells you that they bankrupt and debrided the wound, and she needs to change the dressings alert a day application a wet to dry method. You see her go into the accumulation arrangement and abolish the dressings and acrid application a patient’s identification number. What would you do?     7. You are caring for a accommodating who has a terminal disease. He asks you if he is dying. Would you acquaint him? If yes, how? If no, what ability you say? .      8. You are administering hydromorphone to a patient. The accommodating asks you what you are administering. Would you acquaint the accommodating about the medication?      Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Administering 6th Edition  Sally A. Weiss  MSN, EdD, RN, CNE, ANEF   Ruth M. Tappen  EdD, RN, FAAN    ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-3663-7

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