Western Connecticut State University Rocket Quandary Algebra Project

Please answer all of the questions that I attachted in the file below.

All work must be shown, and if the question says to fully answer using words please print in full elongated sentences. Please try to fill the blank space that is left between sentences.

BLAST OFF! Rocket Quandary Project: Algebra 2.
Two friends, Regina and Brenda, are members of the NASA rocket club but go to different schools. Regina goes to South East High
School and Brenda attends South Gate High School. Each of their schools is having a competition to see whose model rocket can stay
in the air the longest. Mr. Eng helped the students construct equations that describe the height of the rocket from the ground when it
has been launched upward from the roof of the school. The following are Regina’s and Brenda’s equations:
Regina (RED): h= -16t² +40t +56
where t is measured in seconds and h is measured in feet.
Brenda (BLUE): h= -16t² +48t +58
Where t is measured in seconds and h is measure in meters.
You must show all of you work in all of the necessary sections, no points will be given if work is not shown.
1. (4 points): Discuss the Y-intercept for each quadratic equation (Use the key words: time and height).
2. (5 points): Explain two methods that can be used to find the x-intercepts (roots) of the graph of any quadratic function.
How many x-intercepts can any given quadratic function have?
3. (2 points): How many x-intercepts do both Regina and Brenda’s functions have? What are they?
4. (4 points): Describe what Regina and Brenda’s x-intercepts represent in the context of this problem.
5. (6 points) Analyze and describe the path of each of the rockets: Use math vocabulary words such as axis of symmetry,
vertex, opens up/down, and maximum height etc.
6. (4 points) Use your great algebra skills to determine whose rocket stays in the air the longest. Explain how you
determine this.

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