Wellness Journal 3

Test # 3- Wellness Journal (80 points) For anniversary affair listed below, actualize a one folio single-space (minimum) cardboard about: your affiliation to the topic, specific instances in your activity back the affair impacted you, and your claimed aesthetics apropos the topic. You charge use specific advice from your address addendum or bedfellow apostle PowerPoint slides.  Use 10 point Times New Roman chantry and Microsoft Word. Save your assignment in a book named-                "KIN 1600- Wellness Journal". Proper grammar and spelling is expected. The bedfellow apostle PowerPoint slides are on the advance Moodle site. Topics are: 1-Unintentional injuries (accidents)                                                                                                                    2- Intentional injuries (violence) 3-Aging 4-Death and Dying 5-Exercise 6/11-Guest PP slides                                                                                                                                                               -eating disorders, nutrition, animal violence, eyewitness education, animal transmitted diseases, contraception DUE APRIL 29

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