week two criminal law

Case Study As a baker on the Cityburgh Police Department, you accept accustomed your amateur partner's address on three cases. In accession to the facts presented in W1 Assignment 3, you are accustomed added advice apropos anniversary case. Your job is to attending at the new facts and actuate whether any added crimes accept been committed and whether the suspects accept any defenses to the charges. You are to present an assay of the situations to your captain and the commune attorney. For both cases, be abiding to focus your responses on the elements of the accessible crimes, the elements of the accessible defense, and the facts of the case. If added advice is needed, be abiding to announce all accessible outcomes. Case 1—Able Last Thursday, Able was chock-full for a cartage violation. During the stop, the administrator ordered Able out of the car and performed a bounce of Able's person. During this frisk, the administrator noticed a ample article in Able's pocket. Able was asked to abolish the article and complied. It was bent that the article was a artificial baggie of methamphetamine crystals— control of controlled substances (see Code of Virginia § 18.2-250). Able claims that he anticipation that the administrator was aggravating to buy some of the drugs from him. Case 2—Charlie Charlie was begin sleeping on a esplanade bank and brought to the station. He was appear afterwards processing but did not accept busline to acknowledgment to his vehicle. An administrator gave him a ride aback as he was not accustomed with the breadth he had larboard his car in. The administrator arrested the vehicle's authorization bowl in his computer for outstanding tickets or alternative violations and, while cat-and-mouse for the address to appear back, told Charlie to pop the trunk. Inside the trunk, the administrator begin two debris accoutrements absolute animal anatomy genitalia and a blood-soaked axe (see annihilation and manslaughter, beneath Code of Virginia § 18.2-30). However, Charlie claims not to bethink annihilation that happened the night before. Note: You can use the Internet to acquisition advice about the Virginia Legislative Advice System and the specific codes.

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