Week 8 Case Study: Couple Interviews

   Instructions - Case Abstraction Outline 1. Apprehend the afterward case abstraction and account questions; complete the account with a couple. Week 8 Case Study: Brace Interviews Couple Interviews Students are to conduct an account with one brace (e.g., race/cultural difference; aforementioned sex couples; earlier against adolescent couples; etc.). You will call the couples’ strengths and advantageous activity patterns. Please note, this is an appraisal interview, not a counseling session. The appraisal account questions beneath can be chip into your Case Abstraction outline. You may accept the advantage to duke write, audio almanac by phone, or video band this interview.(if you accept to video tape, you charge accept the camera on you and not the couple).  You can use this account as a reference, to abetment you in commutual your assessment. You are activity to use the advice from the brace account to codify your answers for the Case abstraction outline submission.  Develop a analysis plan and interventions,  and Complete the case abstraction outline, column a 1-2 minute video on your outline. Submit your outline as an attachment. Do not column the questions/or video recording of the couple. Your outline should present acumen into brace dynamics, such as the patterns and strengths you analyze aural the couple. Accede allurement the brace what they accede to be an important adventure about their relationship. What do you anticipate this adventure means? You may additionally ask the brace to acquaint you how they met. Use assets from your text, videos and readings. Do not accommodate questions in your address up. Submit your case abstraction outline. Potential Questions for Your Brace Interview This is aloof to get you started, you can add or adapt these…. 1. How continued were your parents affiliated (if they were)? ________ 2. Are they still Married_______ Divorced? ________ 3. Did you do any pre-marital counseling? How did you adapt for marriage? 4. Do you accede alliance a lifetime commitment? 5. Please accord your claimed analogue of "Marriage." Who accept been your role models for marriage? 6. From your viewpoint, what are the advantages or allowances of a marriage? 7. What are its disadvantages? 8. What has been your better abruptness in actuality married? 9. Is your alliance altered than how you absurd alliance to be? 10. What accept been some of the obstacles you accept had to affected as a couple? 11. How do you acquaint whether a alliance is successful? 12. How has your abstraction of alliance afflicted back you were a child? 13. How has accepting accouchement accomplished your marriage? 14. How do you cross in-laws? 2. Complete the Case Abstraction Outline (use pseudo-names and do not accommodate photos).  a. Background advice and Socio-cultural considerations. b. Appraisal (assessment methods charge be constant with the approach you accept apprehend for this week’s assignments, video clips or approach mentioned in the vignette). c. Analysis plans, charge account 3 analysis goals that chase analytic botheration solving. d. Interventions (Interventions charge be constant from theory/ theories you are application for the case study) accommodate accessory stakeholders as allotment of the interventions as needed. e. Discuss approaching analysis that may be needed. 3. Your Case Abstraction Outline should be absorbed as a Word .doc book (.doc, .docx) or PDF.   Video Link  5 Essential Moves of the EFT Tango with Dr. Sue Johnson   Book:  Goldenberg, H., & Goldenberg, I. (2013): Chapters 15 and 16 

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