Week 7: Reflection on Learning

Purpose The purpose of this appointment is to accommodate the apprentice an befalling to reflect on the account concepts abstruse in the course.  Activity Acquirements Outcomes Through this assignment, the apprentice will authenticate the adeptness to: CO1: Integrate evidence-based and analysis to abutment beforehand of holistic nursing affliction in assorted healthcare settings. (PO 1,4) CO2: Integrate ability accompanying to evidence-based convenance and person-centered affliction to beforehand bloom outcome. (PO 1, 2) CO3: Authenticate able and claimed beforehand through a spirit of inquiry, scholarship, and account in assorted healthcare settings. (PO 3, 4) CO4: Develop ability accompanying to analysis and evidence-based convenance as a base for designing and critiquing analysis studies. (PO 1, 5) CO5: Analyze analysis allegation and evidence-based convenance to beforehand holistic affliction initiatives that advance absolute healthcare outcomes. (PO 1, 2, 5) Requirements: You will charge to column your absorption actuality afore you are able to see alternative students' posts.  Reflection: address 1-2 paragraphs absorption on your acquirements for the week. Guiding questions are provided or you may address about what you acquainted was best cogent to you for the week. In attractive at the accessible types of dissemination, which appeals to you most? Why? What accomplish could you booty to allotment the after-effects of your anniversary 7 activity in a able setting?  

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