Week 7: Recommendation for an Evidence-Based Practice Change PowerPoint Presentation

Purpose Translating adeptness into convenance establishes evidence-based convenance (EBP) aural the nursing profession. Assistant practitioners participate in the broadcasting of analysis affirmation to abutment the conception of convenance interventions. The purpose of this appointment is to adapt acceptance to advertise affirmation to abutment practice. Acceptance will amalgamate the advice they accept aggregate during the beforehand to codify a presentation advocating for a convenance change in affiliation to an breadth of absorption to NP practice. Activity Learning Outcomes Through this assignment, the apprentice will authenticate the adeptness to: Through this assessment, the apprentice will accommodated the afterward Beforehand Outcomes: CO1: Integrate evidence-based convenance and analysis to abutment beforehand of holistic nursing affliction in assorted healthcare settings. (PO 1,4) CO2: Integrate adeptness accompanying to evidence-based convenance and person-centered affliction to beforehand bloom outcome. (PO 1, 2) CO3: Authenticate able and claimed beforehand through a spirit of inquiry, scholarship, and account in assorted healthcare settings. (PO 3, 4) CO4: Develop adeptness accompanying to analysis and evidence-based convenance as a base for designing and critiquing analysis studies. (PO 1, 5) CO5: Analyze analysis allegation and evidence-based convenance to beforehand holistic affliction initiatives that advance absolute healthcare outcomes. (PO 1, 2, 5) Requirements In Anniversary 7, acceptance will actualize a PowerPoint accelerate appearance with addendum pages discussing their PICOT question, abstract review, and recommendations for change. In Anniversary 8, acceptance will actualize a Kaltura recording of the presentation for the Peer Discussion thread. Criteria for Content Students will amalgamate the advice they accept aggregate during the beforehand to codify a presentation advocating for a convenance change in affiliation to an breadth of absorption to NP practice. In a PowerPoint Presentation, abode the following. Title Slide Introduction (1 slide): Accelerate should analyze concepts to be addressed and sections of the presentation. Accommodate speaker’s addendum that explain, in added detail, what will be covered. Convenance Issue (1-3 slides): Describe the breadth of absorption and convenance issue/problem accompanying to NP convenance called in anniversary 2. Explain why the issue/concern is important to assistant practitioner convenance and its appulse on bloom outcomes. Accommodate apostle notes. Accommodate bookish references to abutment your ideas. PICOT Catechism (1 slide): Accommodate the PICOT catechism developed in anniversary 2. Describe anniversary aspect of your PICOT catechism in one or two sentences, actuality abiding to abode all the following: P-Population and botheration – What is the nursing convenance affair or botheration and whom does it affect? I–Intervention – What evidence-based band-aid for the botheration would you like to apply? C–Comparison – What is addition band-aid for the problem? Note that this is about the accepted practice, no action at all, or another solutions. O–Outcome – Very specifically, how will you apperceive that the action worked? Think about how you will admeasurement the outcome. T–Time anatomy – What is the Timeframe complex for the EBP action or the ambition date of completion? Abstract analysis (2-4 slides):Summarize the abstract analysis completed in anniversary 5. Discuss capacity and appropriate concerns. Discuss any different acumen or angle offered from the literature. Accommodate apostle notes. Apostle addendum and/or slides accommodate citations from bookish nursing abstract which abutment the assertions presented. Recommendations (3 slides): Accelerate 1: Analyze the evidence-based advocacy for the articular convenance change. Speaker’s addendum should absolutely explain the recommended change and account for the change. Accommodate abutment from bookish references to abutment the recommendation. Accelerate 2: Analyze the key stakeholders impacted by the recommended change. Speaker’s addendum add detail. Accelerate 3: Analyze the advocacy in agreement of fit, feasibility, and account as discussed by Dang and Dearholt (2018), ch. 8. Speaker’s addendum add detail. *Note: advice apropos stakeholders, fit, feasibility, and account may be based on claimed acquaintance or on advice you begin in your research. If the articular factors appear from the literature, accommodate advertence citations to abutment your ideas. Conclusion: (1 slide)Slide provides arbitrary credibility of presentation. Speaker’s addendum accommodate final comments on the topic. References:Reference elements provided in APA format, may use bullets. Hanging indents not required. Best Practices in Advancing the Presentation The afterward are best practices in advancing this presentation: Analysis admonition thoroughly. Follow acquiescence requirements. Make abiding all elements on the allocation explanation are included. Follow rules of grammar, spelling, chat usage, and punctuation constant with formal, accurate writing. Analysis the Creating a Able Presentation amid in Beforehand Resources. Correctly adduce and advertence account and advice that appear from bookish literature.

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