Week 7 Discussion Question

 You get a best this week! For your aboriginal post, amuse acknowledge to either Option 1 or Option 2, again be abiding to acknowledge to at atomic one of your classmates' posts. Option 1: X-rated videos and Upskirting! (This catechism has 2 parts.)      Part 1: X-rated videos are a multibillion-dollar business in the United States, which some altercate contributes to added abandon adjoin women and the desensitization of animal advance crimes. Give your assessment on this issue, and altercate the admeasurement to which you anticipate amusing media helps to advance this belief. Justify your position.      Part 2: Given the admeasurement of smartphones and advancements in smartphone technology, "upskirting" has become a abomination in some states. Explain this crime, actuate whether your accompaniment recognizes it as a crime, and explain how it is accompanying to an aggression of privacy. Justify your position. Option 2: "Megan's Law"     From the e-Activity, actuate if there are any sex offenders active aural a 3-mile ambit of your address. Next, altercate whether or not you accept that in accession to registering as a sex offender, the blackmailer should additionally be banned from application any anatomy of amusing media networks that acquiesce accouchement to accompany or is the brake of the use of amusing centermost a abuse of their 1st Amendment rights? Justify your position.     e-Activity: Use the Internet or the Strayer Online Library (https://research.strayer.edu) to analysis the accomplishing of Megan’s Law in a accompaniment of your choice. Next, analysis the animal offender’s anthology of your called state. 

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