Week 7 Discussion

  Step 1: The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model, additionally accepted as a bloom home, is a bloom affliction commitment archetypal advised to advance admission to care, admission quality, and abate costs.  Familiarize yourself with the PCMH model. Use these websites or analysis them on your own. The Medical Home Archetypal of Care (Links to an alien site.) How the Affordable Affliction Act Will Strengthen the Nation's Primary Affliction Foundation (Links to an alien site.) Bloom Policy Gateway (Links to an alien site.) Step 2: For this discussion, baddest one of the bloom affliction commitment settings discussed in the assigned account (e.g. home health/hospice, continued appellation care, the VA system, retail/nursing clinics, association bloom centers) and accede means in which the ambience could absorb aspects of the PCMH model.  Specifically abode access, quality, and cost. Finally, altercate the nurse’s role in advocating for these changes. If possible, allotment your own adventures and archetype of this archetypal (or accompanying principles).

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