Week 7 Assignment

  Digital forensics is generally abbreviated in four phases (e.g. collection, preservation, assay and reporting). We accept abstruse this already. However, I anticipate it's important for you to be acquainted of how there are abounding altered accomplished models out there that seek to breach bottomward agenda forensics in a alternation of flowcharts / phases / affective parts. Then Chapter 14 talks about the altered trends and approaching directions. So, I am adhering a brace analysis papers. Amuse analysis out them out in which can be begin in the Supplemental Materials folder. Some of the models out there are actual specific e.g. for arrangement forensics, triage, or cybercrime. I would like you to apprehend these affidavit - who knows you may absolutely see a archetypal that resonates able-bodied with you. This can be accessible if you are asked to argue on what is the appropriate archetypal that should be followed in a accurate acknowledged amount in today’s adventurous new world. Instructions Now that you accept advised the altered models of agenda forensics, what are your thoughts about the author's proposed model? Do you accede or disagree? Do you accept a alternative for the alternative models and if so what is your alternative and why? Note - there are NO appropriate or amiss answers here. I amount your insights. No added than 2 pages please

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