week 7

 Need answers for 2 students  Activity #7 - Analysis Activity - Individual Submission -2 You are to baddest a close that is experiencing cogent economic, social, claimed ache as a aftereffect of the fallout from COVID and the measures taken to activity it. You are autograph as a authoritative economics adviser with no way of admiration the advance of the virus, how continued it and restrictions on business activities will last, or what the bread-and-butter altitude will be like in the future. Begin by accouterment a BRIEF accomplishments and history of the close and their abode in the industry/economy they accomplish in. Historical advice is to be short. Added important is their accepted cachet - but not the best important. The close you are consulting for knows its history and is primarily absorbed in acquirements about what they can do in the present and abreast approaching - this is area the abundant majority of your assignment should be.   Detail the challenges they face at present and may appointment in the canicule ahead. Frame these challenges in the ambience of the absolute risks and uncertainties actuality dealt with. With the ambition of allowance the close to eventually ability a absolutely activity and healthy, assisting state, you are to accommodate recommendations for what accomplishments they should booty to accord with these successfully.  This is the amount of the activity and area the majority of your efforts are to be directed. These accomplishments should be practical, accessible and acutely declared - no fuzzy, feel acceptable notions allowed. The actual should be based on what you accretion from complete industry/firm/economic/societal analysis and the appliance of a ample ambit of concepts and theories covered in this course, with added from economics and alternative accordant areas added at your discretion. Do not baddest business that are currently successful, like Google, Facebook, Home Depot etc. Find one that is of absorption to you that is experiencing absolute ache and may not survive. Do not use any assignment from antecedent classes or individuals (your own or others). Actual in this Analysis Activity is to be CURRENT - as in up to today if accessible - with a bright focus on what can be done in the canicule ahead.The final artefact is to be a 5-10 folio address submitted actuality as a chat document, with all sources referenced. The 5-10 pages does not accommodate a awning folio or references and any charts, graphs, pictures etc. can be put in an appendix. The architecture is mostly up to you, with the qualifier that it serve the interests of firms defective paths of activity that accredit them to survive and prosper. To that end, do not use SWOT etc. forms that are not ill-fitted to the specifics of the present and abreast future. Grading Criteria: Agreeable Knowledge & Anatomy (25 points): All of the requested apparatus are completed as assigned; agreeable is on affair and accompanying to authoritative economics, analytical cerebration is acutely approved (few, if any, absolute quotations from the antecedent in the paper); bookish analysis is demonstrated; capacity and concepts acquired from the assigned account and/or from analysis is evident. Analytical Cerebration (15 points): Demonstrates abundant analytical cerebration about capacity and solid estimation of abstracts and reflection. Clarity & Effective Communication (15 points): Communication is clear, concise, and able-bodied presented; bookish autograph is demonstrated; grammar, book structure, autograph in third person, and chat best is acclimated correctly. Integration of Knowledge & Accessories (15 points): Accessories acclimated are accepted and accordant (preferably appear aural aftermost bristles (5) years and MUST be from peer-reviewed account commodity publications. At atomic four (4) peer-reviewed account accessories are advised and analyzed in the paper. Presentation & Autograph Mechanics (30 points): Awning page, headings, in-text citations, folio citations (page cardinal citations appropriate for specific advice such as dates, years, account of items from article, names, numbers, statistics, and alternative specific information), and references are appropriately formatted.

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