Week 6: Draft 3

Presentation Strategy Assess presentation methodologies. Determine methods to strengthen a presentation. Create a presentation action that includes contingencies to affected objections. Sales Agreement Strategy Examine academic agreement strategies and approach advised to accretion acquirement commitment. Create a sales agreement action for win-win negotiations that leave all parties satisfied. add 2 pages Formatting Your cardboard charge be in APA seventh copy architecture for all submissions. Anniversary abstract charge accommodate the capacity listed below. Please use the afterward book allotment assemblage for your upload: MKTG425 Abstract # Last Name (e.g., MKTG425 Abstract 2 Smith). Your final abstract should be a best of 10 pages in breadth not including appellation page, table of contents, references page, or any appendices. Therefore, anniversary draft's breadth may vary, but in general, should not beat two pages. This is a abbreviate cardboard architecture that will crave you to be abridged with your writing. For Drafts 1–3, abide alone those sections appointed in the Outlines area above. For the Final Draft, however, amuse absorb Drafts 1–3 at the alpha of the cardboard so your final acquiescence is one adamant cardboard including all sections listed below. Appellation Page Table of Contents Sales Organization Structure Code of Ethics Communications Policy Lead Generation Plan Sales Call Policy Presentation Strategy Sales Agreement Strategy Relationship Management Plan Internal Communications Policy References

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