Week 6

Week 6 Assignment - PowerPoint Presentation Overview Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 12–18 slides including a appellation slide, an calendar slide, anatomy agreeable slides, a cessation slide, and a Sources accelerate if applicable. All slides calculation against the appropriate length. The agreeable should focus on some aspect of amusing media use in the workplace, such as the accent of companies all-embracing amusing media, announcement through amusing media, establishing behavior involving amusing media, or communicating appropriately and professionally through amusing media platforms. Identify your admirers aural the able abode (management, tech team, etc.), and accept your ambition admirers is accustomed with the all-embracing abstraction of amusing media. As you advance your presentation, accredit to the accepted architecture requirements begin in Chapter 12 (pages 206–229) of your BCOM 10th copy textbook. The presentation charge be submitted in .PPT or .PPTX format. Any alternative acquiescence formats will be alternate ungraded. Incorrectly formatted book submissions may be adapted and resubmitted for backward credit. Focus on accuracy and autograph mechanics and able accent and appearance requirements. Requirements The PowerPoint presentation charge attach to the afterward requirements: Content:  Address some aspect of amusing media use in the workplace. Open with an addition that identifies a accordant amusing media aspect and provides ambience accumbent to the affair application a appellation and addition slide. Cover the capital credibility of your accountable in the anatomy of your presentation with slides that allegorize and reinforce your capital ideas. Conclude with a distinct accelerate absolute a one-sentence authoritativeness account that refocuses on the purpose of your presentation. Format: The presentation should be a minimum of 12 and a best of 18 slides. Architecture your PowerPoint with headings on anniversary slide, use 10–20 cartoon throughout, and ensure the presentation adheres to beheld best practices as categorical in BCOM.

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