Week 5: Written Assignment – Pay for Performance Quality and Incentives

Go to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website (CMS.gov (Links to an alien site.)). Click on one of the articles. Analyze pay for achievement affection and incentives in hospitals, nursing homes, or provider offices and call the achievement standards and scoring methods. Your accounting cardboard should be 750 words, double-spaced, and in APA style. Our primary argument and the account or website assay commodity charge be acclimated as references to abutment your assay paper. You charge use at atomic three able references. Include a articulation to the primary commodity called for this assignment. more instructions: Introduction • Name of the article; botheration actuality addressed; botheration account for the article Style, Grammar, Syntax • Grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and acceptance are correct. • Readability is excellent, with able absorption to audience, adapted accent and style, and acceptable capricious language. Article Review • Call how the commodity analyzes pay for achievement affection and incentives in hospitals, nursing homes, or provider offices. Conclusions & Recommendations • Minimum of 3 references are acclimated • Uses primary text, journals, and accessories for advertence of your analysis Functionality • Provides accessible articulation to the provided commodity • Meets with 750 words, double-spaces, and APA style.

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