week 5.1 criminal

  Community-oriented policing (COPS), problem-oriented policing (POPs), and the zero-tolerance policing concepts are three bent amends action initiatives that were a above change from the acceptable policing concepts of the 1970s. Marion and Oliver (2012) allocution to anniversary of these behavior in Chapter 10 of The Public Action of Crime and Bent Justice. Initial Post: Select one of these three action initiatives, and appraise the positives and negatives of the approach. Determine the furnishings of the bent amends action on the alternative elements of the bent amends community—courts, corrections, and adolescent justice. What is the accepted presidential or alternative adopted official’s attitude on these programs? How do these policing concepts fit with the era of citizenry security? Are these programs in band with amusing amends concepts? Support your claims with examples from the appropriate abstracts and/or alternative bookish sources, and appropriately adduce your references with both in-text and APA commendation at the end of your post.

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