Week 4 – Discussion Forum 2

Prepare: Before attempting this discussion, Read Chapter 4 in the textbook. Review the “Leadership vs. Management” area of Chapter 1 in the textbook. Watch The Perils of Confusing Administration and Leadership video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz8AiOQEQmk Reflect: Min 250 words Reflect on the sections, “Task Leadership,” and “Relationship Leadership” in Chapter 4 of the textbook. Simply put, leaders with a assignment appearance focus on ambition ability in their group, and leaders with a accord appearance advice followers feel adequate in the accumulation and in situations. Acceptable leaders should be both task-focused and relationship-focused. With that in mind, anticipate about baton who has influenced, improved, and aggressive you absolutely (in any alignment in society) and who has impacted absolute outcomes and results. How did that baton antithesis accomplishing objectives with architecture relationships? Was that baton added task-oriented or relationship-oriented, or were they acceptable in both areas? Also, reflect on The Perils of Confusing Administration and Administration  (Links to an alien site.)video and what you accept learned. Are administration and administration the same? Why or why not? What is the aberration amid actuality a baton or a manager? Write: In your antecedent altercation appointment post, Compare administration and management. Are they the same? Why or why not? Explain. Identify a baton who has aggressive you and acknowledgment anniversary of these questions: What did the baton accomplish that afflicted or aggressive you? Is the baton added task-oriented or relationship-oriented, or both? How did the baton use their assignment and relational behaviors to accomplish after-effects and absolute outcomes? Were they added of a administrator or a leader, or both?

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