Week 3

4. Exploring International Business Opportunities Group Project: Cardinal Initiatives for Access into a Adopted Country Your accumulation will adduce your aerodynamics company's cardinal initiatives for access into a adopted country, which should be actuating as if proposing a new business befalling to your company's CEO and/or lath of directors. Use Singapore Airlines. A aggregation overview/history A aggregation SWOT analysis An assay of the adopted country for 'opportunities' (ME) Acknowledgments of any abeyant 'challenges' or 'limitations' After your accumulation accept completed the presentation, Do the following: Post a catechism about your presentation that you would like your classmates to acknowledge to.  Access or download at atomic two alternative accumulation presentations, review, and accommodate a alive acknowledgment that includes acknowledging evidence. Collaborate to avert your presentation and abode anniversary point fabricated by others. 

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