Week 2 Comprehensive

QUESTION 2 Many administration styles accept been proposed, discussed, and advised over the accomplished several decades, arguably alike longer. One of the beforehand administration theories is Great Man Approach (Bass & Stogdill, 2008). Altercate Great Man Theory, back it was developed, what the approach entails, and how the approach has been activated to authoritative leaders. Select two newer administration theories (e.g., transformational, servant, authentic, etc.) of your best and altercate how anniversary of these aligns with, disagrees with, or debunks Great Man Theory. Demonstrate through your acknowledgment appliance of your two called administration theories in organizations. Defend anniversary aspect of your response with affirmation based abutment (citations) throughout your paragraphs. Your acknowledgment should be absolute with detail in breadth of amid 6-8 pages not including awning or references pages. In accession to the commodity about the called organization, a minimum of 6 associate advised sources (journal accessories aural the accomplished 5 years / authored books by seminal or adept administration theorists) should be acclimated to abutment your response. Reference: Bass, B., & Stogdill, R. (2008). Handbook of leadership (4th ed.). The Free Press.

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