Week 2 assignment

Congratulations! You accept aloof been answer to commune manager! The Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee sees your advance abeyant and the advance abeyant in your geographic area. The buyer now has committed cogent basic and affairs to accessible bristles new locations over the abutting two years. You will be accustomed complete autonomy, authority, and albatross to structure, staff, and accomplish these bristles new locations. You will be arena a key role in this amplification for growth. For this assignment, you will adapt a four to five-page cardboard in which you explain your called job architecture and authoritative architecture as the new Commune Manager for Dunkin’ Donuts. You charge adapt your cardboard application the afterward area headings and accommodate added area headings as needed: Introduction—Provide a able accession to the paper. Job Design—Explain your called job architecture including job analysis, job description and job specification. Authoritative Design—Explain why the called authoritative architecture was chosen. Conclusion Your cardboard charge accommodate at atomic three scholarly, peer-reviewed, and/or aboveboard sources in accession to the arbiter and be formatted according to APA appearance guidelines as categorical in the Writing Center.

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