Week 2 Assignment

  Overview: For this assignment, due in Module Two, you will complete a SMART goals chart. By now, you should be able to see how the DMAIC phases are  interconnected. This SMART goals assignment provides an assay apparatus to advice you ascertain the battle in the called case abstraction for your final project. This Ascertain  component is due in Module Three as Milestone One: Defining Goals. Prompt: First, apprehend the DEFINE Supplementary Document, Explaining the Concept of SMART Goals, and the SMART Goals Overview and Example document. Next, application what you accept abstruse about Ascertain from Module One and analytical your own authoritative battle (or the Garden Depot case study), complete  the SMART Goals Blueprint Template by responding to anniversary area in the chart:  S: Specific—When, where, and how will the goals (recommended solutions) be implemented?  M: Measurable—How will accomplishing of the goals be measured?  A: Attainable/Achievable—What accomplish are all-important to ability the goals?  R: Realistic/Relevant—Is it astute to be ambience these goals? Are these the appropriate goals to ability the adapted outcome?  T: Time-Bound/Time Restraints—Do the goals accommodate a specific time anatomy in which they will be achieved? Be abiding to accede all accessible solutions, but additionally any adventitious after-effects that may appear in implementing these goals.  In Module Three, you will activate to assignment with Measure, or M, in the DMAIC process. Guidelines for Submission: Complete the SMART Goals Blueprint Template by responding to anniversary area in the blueprint as categorical above. Cite any sources application APA  format. 

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