Week 15 Assignment

  Please assay the Admissibility of Expert Testimony in Courts.pdf (check the Supplemental Materials) folder. This is a bit continued – 15 folio law commodity but it does a actual acceptable job of summarizing the altered tests from Frye to Daubert and assorted amalgam of whether you are able to allocution about your findings. Then amuse accommodate me a 2 folio cardboard (minimum) summarizing what you accept learned. Also do some assay - what is the case law in Kentucky? Ohio? Are there differences in accompaniment or federal cloister in both states? Amuse adduce RECENT case law to abutment your assay as this law commodity is out of date.  Why did I accredit this? Knowing what analysis is “adopted” in the accompaniment is important. Again, – it is NOT the apparatus but the person’s knowledge, skill, and whether accurate accuracy was followed forth with alternation of aegis and affidavit / candor best practices. Also, back you are arch an analysis you appetite to be accustomed with what analysis courts (state or federal) may apply! 

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