week 10 mid week final assignment

Instructions Overview/Description: The final activity for NSG6101 consists of the development of a atypical assay angle specific to your role specialization. The activity charge accommodate an action adapted to nursing convenance and constant with your MSN role option. An another to the aloft includes the alternative of a specialty alignment to focus assay proposals based on the priorities of that organization. Examples of these organizations could accommodate (but are not bound to): Sigma Theta Tau International, American Nurses' Foundation, Oncology Nursing Society, Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, American Psychiatric Nursing Association, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners, National League For Nursing, etc. Throughout this advance you accept been developing assorted sections of the assay proposal. This anniversary you will accumulate the final angle (addressing adroitness feedback). This activity is to be developed in APA format/style application the required template and not to beat 8-10 pages (excluding appellation page/references/appendices). Criteria: Introduction Background and Significance of Problem Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study Literature Review Summary of the Evidence for the Proposed Study Research Question, Hypothesis, and Variables with Operational Definitions Theoretical Framework Overview and Guiding Propositions(s) Declared in Theory Application of Theory to Your Study’s/Project’s Focus Methodology Sample/Setting: Number and belief for admittance and description of abode in which abstracts will be collected. Sampling Strategy Assay Design: Type (e.g., Quasi-Experimental), description, and account for selection.  Extraneous Variables (and plan for how controlled). Instruments: Description, validity, and believability estimates, which accept been performed (on a pre-established measure). Accommodate affairs for testing authority and believability of breeding your own instrument(s). Description of the Intervention Abstracts Collection Procedures Abstracts Assay Plans Describe plan for abstracts assay for demographic variables (descriptive statistical tests). Describe plan for abstracts assay of abstraction variables (descriptive and amplified statistical tests). Ethical Issues Describe ethical considerations and your plan to assure animal rights. Limitation of Proposed Study Implications for Practice References Appendices Informed Consent Letter Procedure area is clear, declared in detail, specific, and all inclusive. Written in lay accent (as accurate by account akin score). Includes risks and allowances accordant to study. Address acceptance (if applicable).

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