week 10

must be in apa format/ 1-2 paragraphs / references The ambition of bookish acreage law is to animate innovation.  Individuals and companies will be far beneath acceptable to actualize new or bigger products, services, and works such as movies and albums if others can readily archetype and accumulation from their efforts. Choose one of the scenarios beneath and actuate which blazon of bookish acreage law applies and whether it would, in fact, accommodate any remedy.  Remember to analyze and explain the elements all-important to affirmation aegis as bookish property, why you anticipate those elements are or are not present, and what alternative advice you would charge to accomplish this determination. William Writer has developed a abundant abstraction for a novel. It will affection a adolescent archimage called Henry Pryor who attends a appropriate aerial academy for magicians. Henry has abounding absorbing accompany and alike searches for the Philosopher’s Rock. Karen Kitchens is a absurd cook. Her best bowl is absurd chicken. Her absurd craven is so acceptable that her accompany suggest  she alpha a restaurant. After some anticipation Karen agrees. She affairs to accessible Kitchen’s Absurd Chicken, but because the name is a bit continued she absitively to abbreviate it to KFC. Her assurance will be red and white and affection an angel of Karen’s father, a aging old man with a goatee. Sandy Secretary works for a huge cola company. The aggregation is acclaimed for its abstruse blueprint that it has acclimated for over 100 years. One day while attractive for article in the boss’s office, Sandy finds a allotment of cardboard that lists the abstruse formula. Sandy secretly makes a archetype of the abstruse blueprint and offers to advertise it to a competitor.

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