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Week 1 Journal

A allegory is a adventure that embodies a accurate apperception of the animal condition. In the Odyssey, activity is represented as a journey. Belief academic Joseph Campbell anticipation all belief followed a agnate journey, which he believed symbolically bidding abysmal truths about animal psychology. For Campbell belief are a way we apprentice to be animal and to accord with the accustomed challenges of activity and society. For added about Campbell’s theory, see Matthew Winkler’s activated video “What makes a hero? (Links to an alien site.)” in this week’s Recommended Multimedia Resources.

This account appointment explores the appliance of the arcane texts we are account to our own lives. This week, as we apprehend the about the adventure of Odysseus, we ability accede our own journeys. In two to three pages, call one obstacle that Odysseus meets in his journey. What is the obstacle and how does he affected it? Making access to your own life, altercate a bearings aback you faced and overcame an obstacle in one of your own journeys that came amid you and your destination. You may adapt this adventure symbolically, for example, a adventure to yourself (your own claimed identity), aback to your ancestors or heritage, or one to chase a dream. In befitting aural the three folio limit, be abiding to focus on capital credibility in both your adventure and that of Odysseus.


Required Resources


Homer. (n.d.). The Odyssey (Links to an alien site.) abridged (I. Johnston, Trans.). Retrieved from http://records.viu.ca/~johnstoi/homer/abridgedodysseyweb.htm

  • This is the amount argument for this week. It will accommodate the capital archetype of how belief and abstract action to actualize a accurate angle on the animal condition. It will additionally exercise your account abilities and advice you body bookish “muscle.” You should try to apprehend the accomplished affair afore attempting to activate your Discussion.
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Brenzel, J. (n.d.). The amount of abandoned ideas (Links to an alien site.). [Video file]. Retrieved from http://bigthink.com/videos/the-value-of-forgotten-ideas-2

  • In this abbreviate video, Dr. Jeffrey Brenzel summarizes bristles affidavit to apprehend old books like the ones we will apprehend in this course. These account ability advice atom your cerebration as you adapt for your own aegis of the abstract in your final paper. A archetype is accessible on the page.
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The Book of Life. (n.d.). What comes afterwards religion? (Links to an alien site.) Retrieved from http://www.thebookoflife.org/what-comes-after-religion/

  • Besides art, literature, philosophy, and history, addition one of the amount areas of the abstract is religion. If you are religious, again you apparently don’t charge to be assertive to abstraction religion. But not anybody in avant-garde association is religious. Why should agnostic bodies bother to abstraction religion? We will acknowledgment to this abstraction in approaching weeks. For example, in Anniversary 4 we will appraise the religious point of view, and in Anniversary 5 we will anticipate about the means adventurous adulation came to be a backup for adoration in avant-garde society. For now, this video will acquaint you to the breadth of the abstract accepted as religious studies. In this abbreviate video declared agnostic Alain de Botton explains some of the things civil bodies accept to apprentice from religion.
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The Book of Life. (n.d.). What is the point of the humanities? (Links to an alien site.) Retrieved from http://www.thebookoflife.org/what-is-the-point-of-the-humanities/

  • The amount areas of the abstract accommodate Art, Literature, Philosophy, and History. In this alternation of four to bristles minute videos, columnist Alain de Botton discusses the appliance of these four areas of the abstract to our accustomed life.
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Recommended Resources


Johnston, I. (2004). Lecture on the Odyssey (Links to an alien site.). Retrieved from http://johnstoniatexts.x10host.com/lectures/odysseylecture.html

  • An overview of the capital capacity from Homer’s Odyssey by the translator of our text.

Segal, R. (2008). Allegory and ritual. In J. R. Hinnells (Ed.), The Routledge Companion to the Abstraction of Religion (pp. 355-378). London: Routledge.

  • This chapter, accessible in the Ashford University Library, has a altercation of altered theories about the attributes and action of myth.


Mapping the stars: The Great Bear (1992) ~ Simon Patterson (Links to an alien site.)” (2011, March 27). [Web blog post] George’s Journal. Retrieved from http://georgesjournal.org/2011/03/27/mapping-the-stars-the-great-bear-1992-simon-patterson/

  • An assay of the painting discussed in the Advance Overview video, including pictures.

Pattanaik, D. (2009). East vs. West – the belief that mystify (Links to an alien site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.ted.com/talks/devdutt_pattanaik

  • A address on the accent of compassionate allegory for success in the apple of business and an account of how Hindu belief alter from Greek myths.

Segal, R. (n.d.) UO Today #561 Robert Segal (Links to an alien site.) [Video file] Retrieved from http://media.uoregon.edu/channel/2013/12/21/uo-today-561-robert-segal/

  • Robert Segal discusses the relationships amid myth, religion, and science.

Warburton, N. (2010). Martha Nussbaum on the amount of the humanities (Links to an alien site.) [Podcast]. Retrieved from http://philosophybites.com/2010/12/martha-nussbaum-on-the-value-of-the-humanities.html

  • Philosopher Martha Nussbaum explains why a activity capitalism requires citizens accomplished in the humanities

Winkler, M. (n.d). What makes a hero? (Links to an alien site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-makes-a-hero-matthew-winkler

  • An activated account of Joseph Campbell’s approach that belief from all cultures chase a agnate pattern.

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