Week 1 journal

“Groups as Systems.” Zajonc states, “Synergy can booty either a concrete or a brainy form. The concrete attendance of others is generally arousing, so added assignment is accomplished. Even all-overs assignment harder back there is added than one of them on the job” (Henman, n.d., p.2). In the brainy sense, synergy forms back a blazon of aggregate intelligence and aggregate anamnesis activate to advance as the accumulation matures. Reflect on a accumulation acquaintance area you noticed this about-face to synergy with your group. (Some ideas: at a animal casework bureau area you work, a altered occupation, confined on a committee, a accumulation in college, etc.) Describe this acquaintance as vividly as possible, with affluence of detail and assay of as abounding accumulation associates (in commendations to their contributions to attaining synergy) that you can recall. Reference Henman, L. (n.d.). Groups as systems [PDF file]. Retrieved from http://www.henmanperformancegroup.com/articles/group-systems.pdf

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