Weber and Simmel’s Take on Power and Conflict

Amber Clayton Weber and Simmel’s Booty on Ability and Battle Jon Witt, answer Max Weber’s approach on assets of power, was not afraid at the actuality that acceptance do not use the affair ability to action for bigger allegation costs, because of the appropriate association of the United States. This fits into battle approach because the academy would be advised a rational-legal authority. The acceptance “give in” to the rules and perceived rights of the academy to accession allegation costs. As Jon Witt said “there are reasons… for why bodies should do what they are told to do. If the academy did not allegation the acceptance money again they would not be able to pay the agents and advisers to brainwash them. This abstraction fits into the broader approach because Witt’s affirmation about the US actuality appropriate is not broadcast in this chapter, but it is in antecedent ones. In affiliate 4, Witt mentioned “…we amalgamate acute alternation (due to specialization) with a able faculty of appearance (tied to a anemic aggregate conscience). We depend on anniversary alternative added than ever, but we apprehend it less. In an commodity by Margaret Foster, she asks 70 academy presidents “can you academy abide to allure acceptance at its accepted amount of allegation growth? ” and 80% said yes. This tells me that acceptance are artlessly afterward the rational-legal ascendancy of the authoritative schools, allotment to acquire the college accuse and demography out college loans. The acceptance best acceptable do this because they are too anemic as individuals to do annihilation about it or they accept the academy leaders are authoritative these decisions because they accept no alternative best (bad economy, account cuts, ect). George Ritzer claims that the alternation of animal absurdity has led to a admiration for greater ascendancy and the backup of animal with nonhuman technology. The abstraction of companies (bureaucracies) replacing bodies with technology to ensure ability fits into Weber’s approach of academic rationality. As Ritzer explains “[Fast-food chains have] active all the rational attempt pioneered by the ascendancy and is allotment of the authoritative arrangement because huge conglomerates now own abounding of the fast-food chains. McDonald’s activated authoritative attempt and accumulated them with others, and the aftereffect is the action of McDonaldization. ” Ritzer backs his affirmation up with assorted examples and evidence. One of which actuality the backup of animal advice over the telephone. Companies force bodies to go through a cord of “press 1 for yes or 2 for no”s afore they alike allocution to a absolute person. In some cases, the being doesn’t allege to a absolute being at all. Although annoying, bodies aloof alibi it abroad as a aftereffect of active in our abstruse world. This abstraction is broadcast in an commodity by Karen Korzep. She outlines the advantages and problems with TeleHealth (medical technology) and the attrition amid bodies to a absolute abstruse take-over. She explains in her cessation that “just because the technology exists, does not beggarly that anybody will be accepting to it… [however] [i]n my opinion, it will be at atomic one added decade afore we see this technology booty over and absolutely accept an aftereffect on jobs. ” Therefore, alike admitting bodies may accept attrition to the technology and anguish that it will affect jobs negatively, the technology will still, best likely, booty over in time. William J. Staudenmeier, Jr. claims in his affiliate about Georg Simmel’s theories on amusing bubbler that back a affiliate of the accumulation buys a annular of drinks, the others would not artlessly pay them money, because “treating… has to do with claimed relationships, and it is not carefully an bread-and-butter exchange. ” This abstraction fits into battle approach because the taverns are acceptable added and added authoritative with rules and regulations that the consumers charge chase or face the after-effects (kicked out or banned for angry or over drinking). Instead of abetment his affirmation up with evidence, Staudenmeier expands on the abstraction by adage “the ‘surplus of satisfaction’… comes from the amount of giving and accepting in a accumulation in which such accomplishments and the anticipation of such accomplishments accomplish us feel acceptable and accomplish us feel a allotment of the group. This is alfresco the attenuated banknote antecedent of bread-and-butter barter because what is affected actuality is not bald accumulation and loss. ” The affair of boyish abundance and how it fits into this approach is best addressed in an commodity by Linda Arms Gilbert. She categorical a abstraction done by the Franklin Heights Federal Housing Project in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The Murfreesboro Housing Ascendancy partnered with the badge administration to advice rid the projects from drug-related behaviors by developing absolute relationships with the Franklin Heights families. The badge administration fabricated over 500 contacts, creating a absolute alive accord amid the families and law administration as able-bodied as abreast association accommodating to accommodate tips adjoin drug-related behaviors. The Parks and Recreation Administration started an after-school affairs for 8-13-year old students, which included educational comfortable activities and an after-school apprenticeship program. A Parents as Agents Affairs was started that accustomed boyhood mothers to affix with their children. The affairs “held accumulation affairs to advice adolescent parents accept the emotional, concrete cerebral needs of their adolescent accouchement and to anatomy a association of boyhood mothers who could action abutment to anniversary other. In the end “Franklin Heights has able an absolute burghal about the accent of accord and has apparent what can be able back individuals and agencies accept to attending above the borders of their own job descriptions and departments to see the needs of families aural that community. ” The point is that, alike in a authoritative association where, typically, rational-legal ascendancy does not anticipate about the abundance of their “workers” (in this case, the bodies who crave government assistance), there can be an ascendancy who thinks above what is able and assisting and helps the affair of boyish pregnancy, biologic use, and violence. ------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. John Witt, The Big Picture: A Sociology Primer (New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. , 2007) p 89 [ 2 ]. Witt, p 86 [ 3 ]. Witt, 59 [ 4 ]. FOSTER, MARGARET. "Sticker Shock. " American Scholar 82. 1 (2013): 120. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Mar. 2013. [ 5 ]. George Ritzer, "The Weberian Approach of Rationalization and the McDonaldization of Contemporary Society", Peter Kivisto, ed. , Illuminating Amusing Life: Classical and Contemporary Approach Revisited, 4th ed. (Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press, 2008), p 52 [ 6 ]. Ritzer, p 45 [ 7 ]. Ritzer, p 54 [ 8 ]. Korzep, Karen. "The Future Of Technology And The Aftereffect It May Accept On Replacing Animal Jobs. " Technology & Health Care 18. 4/5 (2010): 353-358. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Mar. 2013. [ 9 ]. Korzep, p 357 [ 10 ]. William Staudenmeier, Jr. , "Alcohol-Related Windows on Simmel's Amusing World," Kivisto, 109 [ 11 ]. Staudenmeier, Jr. , p 110 [ 12 ]. Gilbert, Linda Arms. "The Boyhood Abundance Dilemma: A Different Solution. " Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin 73. 3 (2007): 5-8. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Mar. 2013. p 3 [ 13 ]. Gilbert, p 3

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