Web publising and principles

  After account chapter2.pdf (Web Publishing Fundamentals), compose an APA formatted appearance analysis cardboard application the bulleted capacity below:  List and explain the advantages of web publishing over book for your website design. Identify the basal architecture attempt that advice webpages bear a able bulletin and   leave a audible consequence that may be acclimated in your website design. Discuss how acknowledging web architecture attempt can access your web design. Discuss the role of branding in announcement accord and advancement beheld identity. What is your brand? Definechunked argument and altercate affidavit for application chunked argument to actualize scannable   web content. Will chunked argument be admired to your website design? Explain the role of blush as a web architecture tool.  How would you use blush as a web architecture apparatus for your website? Explain how to absorb UX into the web design.  Will it fit into your web design? Briefly altercate anniversary of the afterward web publishing issues for your website. Bandwidth Resolution Legal and aloofness concerns Usability and accessibility Be abiding to accommodate all-embracing affirmation to abutment your decision.  Remember to abutment your assessment with absolute information. The cardboard charge afterward the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and accommodate a appellation page, bristles bookish references, three to bristles pages of content, and a advertence page. In addition, the cardboard will be submitted through Turnitin. Notes: My website is about affairs articles online. Example : Amazon, e-bay, etc

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