Visual Representation of Data

  Assignment Content As an IT activity administrator for Intuit, Inc., you are amenable for arch IT projects that affect the absolute company. You are in application for the activity administrator role for the new cloud-based applications activity that your accumulation is running. One of the tasks the c-suite would like to see above-mentioned to announcement addition to this position is your use of communicating with the c-suite through a beheld presentation. They would like you to analysis the company’s letters and authenticate your adeptness to assay and present activity data. To admission the company's reports, chase these steps: Navigate to Business Insights: Essentials via the University Library.  Search for “Intuit Inc.” Baddest Bazaar Allotment Reports. Baddest two letters of your interest, and actualize two visuals (one for anniversary report) that represent the advice provided. For example, you could baddest the Tax Preparation Services Bazaar address and use a pie blueprint to represent the bazaar share. Write a 350-word absolution arbitrary in which you acknowledgment the afterward questions: What blazon of beheld did you baddest to present the advice in anniversary report? How does the blazon of beheld you called to abutment the information? What tool(s) did you use to actualize these visuals? How will these visuals be presented to the c-suite? (Email, presentation, etc.)  Why did you accept to use this blazon of advice to present the advice to the c-suite?  Note: You may use any software or websites such as Lucidchart, Canva, MindTools, etc. to actualize the visuals. Cite all sources in APA format. Submit both your visuals and your absolution summary.

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