Using an Excel spreadsheet, create a new six-month budget for the clinic that includes the following revenue and expense projections described below. Also, prepare a memo see details below.

  Scenario One year ago, Metropolitan Memorial broadcast its operations into a rural association amid approximated a hundred afar from its capital facility. The dispensary offers a advanced arrangement of outpatient services. As the Senior Accountant, you are reviewing the clinic’s operating account from the antecedent year. You accept been asked by the hospital’s arch ambassador to actualize a new six-month operations account for the clinic. Operating-Budget.xlsx-see absorbed document Instructions Using an Excel spreadsheet, actualize a new six-month account for the dispensary that includes the afterward acquirement and amount projections: The clinic’s acquirement is projected to abound by about 3% as a aftereffect of a new managed affliction contract. The amount of costs is accepted to access to 1.5%. The dispensary will additionally be abacus a new roof to the ability at a projected amount of $50,000. Then adapt a announcement for the arch administrator. The announcement should accommodate a assay of the antecedent year’s budget, an assay of the accessible changes (figures above), and a altercation about the impacts that these changes will accept on the account for the accessible year. Rubric:  - Announcement includes a complete and absolute assay of the year’s account with assorted examples or acknowledging details. - Announcement includes a absolute assay of the proposed changes, accumulation the afterward figures: dispensary acquirement advance of about 3%, a aftereffect of the new managed affliction contract, amount amount access of 1.5%, new roof for ability at $50,000 - Announcement includes a bright and absolute altercation on the impacts that the changes will accept on the account for the accessible year. Includes assorted examples or acknowledging details. - Excel spreadsheet of six-month account for the dispensary with acquirement and amount projections has no cogent errors.        

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