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   Need a reply  As a nurse, I would animate a 72-year-old retired accountant to alpha appliance because it would advance his bloom and affection of life. The accommodating needs to accept the bloom issues that may appear due to the abridgement of exercise and concrete activity. Exercise is associated with a abridgement in the accident of the development of accepted diseases, including diabetes and affection disease, advance of brainy health, the abridgement in the accident of falling, amusing engagement, and the advance in brainy acknowledgment (Langhammer et al., 2018). It would be all-important for the accommodating to accept why he wants to exercise and set goals that would actuate him to exercise. Transitioning from a desk affairs to an alive affairs would be a acceptable accommodation for any alone behindhand of their age. There are assorted evidence-based programs that an aged developed can accept to cautiously and finer appoint in concrete activity. The accommodating should try to be constant by afterward an exercise affairs that would acquiesce him to accomplish his goals. Rivera-Torres et al. (2019) appropriate that afore an earlier developed starts exercising, they should actuate the type, time, intensity, volume, progression, and abundance of the contest to advance adherence and motivation. The accommodating should focus on four categories of exercises, that is, balance, flexibility, endurance, and aerobic contest (Rivera-Torres et al., 2019). The exercise affairs would advance the patient’s action amount and acquiesce him to accomplish the adapted bloom benefits. Aerobic contest should absorb a abstinent action of 150 account per week, which may accommodate dancing and walking, or acute contest abiding for 75 minutes, which may accommodate swimming, and jogging, or a amalgamate both contest (Rivera-Torres et al., 2019). However, the continuance of the exercise should be added gradually from 10 account to 60 account per affair (Rivera-Torres et al., 2019).

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