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The arduous ancestors bearings I would like to allotment with you is our move from Korea to the United States. In 1989, my activity was afflicted aback my ancestors immigrated to a new country, acquisitive for a bigger future. My activity in Korea was hopeless, because I was a declining apprentice with not abundant absorption in school. I spent the majority of my time in Arcades, crumbling my bill on video games. Rather than belief with my friends, as I had told my parents I would, I bedeviled over the games. The alone absolute aspect to my activity was my clandestine computer programming lessons. Programming in Apple BASIC presented me with an befalling to actualize my own world. One day, my parents told me that we were activity to move to the United States of America, and I developed a able activity that my activity anon would change forever. After spending eleven years in Korea, our ancestors confused a absolutely altered environment. This I knew would be my toughest claiming to date. As a fifth grader accessory a new elementary academy in a new country, I acquainted larboard out because of my disability to communicate. Some kids affected that I did not accept them at all, so they fabricated abrupt animadversion about me. I accepted them, maybe not completely, but I knew the absorbed of their messages. All that I had was my Apple II computer at which I aloof sat and programmed aback I came home from school. At home, my parents pressured me to abstraction all of the time, but I was balked and capital to acknowledgment to Korea. I capital to go aback and allocution advisedly with my accompany and comedy amateur with them. My parents generally told me that they absitively to move actuality because of the educational opportunities, yet I connected to insubordinate and banned to accept to what they said. Over time, my English improved. I confused on to approved sixth brand classes; some of which were challenging, but tolerable because of my agents whom were accommodating to help. I consistently enjoyed chic trips to the computer lab, area I would alpha programming on the computer. Alternative kids would alpha to accumulate about and amusement me like a genius. Before long, I fabricated added accompany and begin that I was adequate school. Thoughts of activity aback to Korea faded, and my grades rose to a satisfactory level. This admiring my parents who now encouraged me to allure accompany to dinner. Aback my accompany came over, I became the translator amid my parents and my friends. Back then, I generally construe for my parents in any break area adaptation is needed. Talking to some adults was alarming and sometimes embarrassing, but I acquainted complete and responsible. The blow of my academy year went by actual smoothly, and my aplomb grew. Now I advice alternative Korean bodies with accent difficulties, allowance them to accept English and American customs. Prior to my accession to the United States, I anticipation aggregate would be nice and easy, but it did not about-face out that way. Activity was difficult, back I had to apprentice a new language, culture, and customs. One of the best things I abstruse was that my parents were right. This acquaintance helped change me from a hopeless kid to a assured and amenable adolescent adult. From this experience, I accept abstruse that if one sets goals, works adamantine appear those goals, dedicates oneself to those goals, and takes advantage of opportunities presented, they can accomplish anything.

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