University of Phoenix / HRM 595 / All Individual and Learning Team Assignments

Week 1

Imagine you are the vice president of HR for a real or fictitious organization of more than 500 employees. To support the organization’s growth, you have been asked to create a comprehensive proposal plan to present to the board of directors that addresses staffing, performance appraisal, training and development, total rewards, and organizational behavior and processes.

Create the proposal plan, which has four parts. Each part is developed in a different week. When deciding on an organization, choose one you will stay with for the duration of the project.

Begin by designing the staffing component. In a no more than 1,050-word paper, address the following:

  • Provide a brief background on the organization and its objectives.
  • Explain how organizational behavior has influenced the organization’s effectiveness over the last 5 years.
  • Identify best practices that will support the organization’s effort toward workforce diversity, including effective ways to implement diversity, formal staffing, employee relations, and employee retention plans.
  • Consider whether outsourcing must be an option for this organization’s workforce planning. Explain why.
  • Explain how these practices and your plan would support and link staffing to key organizational objectives.


Week 2

Write a no more than 1,050-word paper in which you evaluate the effects of three federal employment laws. The paper must include the following:

  • What does each law entail? Provide a brief overview.
  • How do these laws affect organizational processes and policies?
  • What is the influence of these laws on organizational ethics
  • How do these laws affect the ability of managers and the organization to attend to individual needs?


Week 3

Continue building your proposal plan. Now that you have finished the staffing component, you must determine which performance appraisal and training and development program would best support your organization. In a no more than 1,050-word paper, expand your proposal plan to include the following:

Select a performance appraisal method that would be most effective to the organization’s structure, and support your selection.

  • Provide an overview and vision for a training and development program tailored to support organizational goals and culture.
  • Create a rough draft for a career path and succession plan.

    Week 4

    Continue building the proposal plan. Now that you have created proposals for staffing, performance appraisal, and training & development, expand your plan to include a total rewards program that enforces key organizational objectives. In a no more than 1,050-word paper, include the following:

    • Create a comprehensive compensation and incentives plan that links and supports key organizational objectives.
    • Structure a reward and recognition plan that supports key organizational objectives.


    Week 5

    Select one team member’s organization, or another organization of your choice, that needs or is facing a strategic change. As the vice president of HR, you will announce to employees your vision of what must be done and how the organization will implement it. In a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft
    ® PowerPoint
    ® presentation, with speaker’s notes, include the following:

    • Identify the change’s key objectives.
    • Determine what changes must be made in organizational structure, vision, and culture to support the change.
    • Determine how the change will be effectively managed, including key obstacles, new objectives, leadership, and employee buy-in and commitment, and how to embed the implemented change.
    • Explain how these changes may affect international strategies, assuming the organization is overseas or has plans to go global in the near future.
    • Explain how these changes will better position the organization for the future.


    Week 6

    Continue building your proposal plan. You must present your plan to the board of directors. Because the company is growing, its culture is changing for better and worse. You decide to complete your proposal plan by including a section that talks about the organizational culture. In a no more than 1,050-word paper, include the following:

    • Select a change you believe is needed in your organization’s culture.
    • Identify obstacles to that change and ways to overcome them.
    • Identify how that change must be managed and supported.
    • Identify which conflict resolution techniques you would use.
    • Explain how changes in your organization’s life cycle would influence the new culture.


  • Part IV
  • must be no more than 1,050 words, you turn in all four parts of the project this week as if it were a complete document. Thus, the entire document must include the following:

    • Part I of the proposal plan and any necessary revisions
    • Part II of the proposal plan and any necessary revisions
    • Part III of the proposal plan and any necessary revisions
    • Part IV


    University of Phoenix / HRM 595 / All Individual and Learning Team Assignments


    HRM/595 Assignments

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