Unit V Case Study

Instructions Waterways (Chapter 19) For this assignment, you will administer what you accept abstruse from the assemblage appointment and appropriate assemblage resources. The Waterways (WP19) case is amid on folio 19-39 of the textbook.Waterways Association is a clandestine association formed for the purpose of accouterment the articles and the casework bare to adulterate farms, parks, bartering projects, and clandestine lawns. It has a centrally amid branch in a U.S. burghal that articles the articles it markets to retail outlets beyond the nation. It additionally maintains a analysis that performs accession and assurance application in six city areas.The mission of Waterways is to accomplish affection genitalia that can be acclimated for able irrigation projects that additionally conserve water. By that effort, the aggregation hopes to amuse its customers, accomplish accelerated and amenable service, and serve the association and the advisers who represent them in anniversary community.The aggregation has been growing rapidly, so administration is because new account to advice the aggregation abide its advance and advance the aerial affection of its products.Waterways was founded by Will Winkman, who is the aggregation admiral and arch controlling administrator (CEO). Working with him from the company’s birth is Will’s brother, Ben, whose sprinkler designs and account about the accession of able systems accept been a aloft base of the company’s success. Ben is the carnality admiral who oversees all aspects of architecture and assembly in the company.The branch itself is managed by Todd Senter, who hires his band managers to administer the branch employees. The branch makes all of the genitalia for the irrigation systems. The purchasing administration is managed by Helen Hines.The accession and training analysis is overseen by carnality president, Henry Writer, who supervises the managers of the six bounded accession operations. Anniversary of these bounded managers hires his or her own bounded account people. These account advisers are accomplished by the home appointment beneath Henry Writer’s administration because of the character of the company’s products.There is a baby animal assets administration beneath the administration of Sally Fenton, a carnality admiral who handles the agent paperwork, admitting hiring is absolutely performed by the abstracted departments. Teresa Totter is the carnality admiral who active the sales and business area; she oversees 10 acquiescent salespeople.The accounting and accounts analysis of the aggregation is headed by Ann Headman, who is the arch banking administrator (CFO) and a aggregation carnality president; she is a affiliate of the Institute of Administration Accountants and holds a affidavit in administration accounting. She has a baby agents of accountants, including a ambassador and a treasurer, and a agents of accounting ascribe operators who advance the banking records.A fractional account of Waterways’ accounts and their balances for the ages of November is itemized below.Accounts Receivable$275,000Advertising Expenses54,000Cash260,000Depreciation – Branch Equipment16,800Depreciation – Appointment Equipment2,400Direct Labor42,000Factory Supplies Used16,800Factory Utilities10,200Finished Appurtenances Inventory, November 3068,800Finished Appurtenances Inventory, October 3172,550Indirect Labor48,000Office Supplies Expense1,600Other Administrative Expenses72,000Prepaid Expenses41,250Raw Materials Inventory, November 3052,700Raw Materials Inventory, October 3138,000Raw Materials Purchases184,500Rent – Branch Equipment47,000Repairs - Branch Equipment4,500Salaries325,000Sales Revenue1,350,000Sales Commissions40,500Work in Process Inventory, October 3152,700Work in Process Inventory, November 3042,000Instructions: Based on the advice given, assemble an authoritative blueprint of the Waterways Corporation. You may actualize the authoritative blueprint in Microsoft Word or Excel. A account of accounts and their ethics are accustomed above. From this information, adapt a amount of appurtenances bogus schedule, an assets statement, and a fractional antithesis area for the ages of November, which should be created application Excel. If you accept to actualize your authoritative blueprint in a Word document, again you will charge to abide both a Word certificate (containing the authoritative chart) and an Excel certificate (containing the amount of appurtenances bogus schedule, assets statement, and fractional antithesis sheet). If you accept to actualize your authoritative blueprint in Excel, you will alone abide an Excel document, which would accommodate all apparatus of the assignment.APA formatting is not necessary.

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