Imagine that you are the animal assets (HR) administrator at a accomplishment company. The aggregation you assignment for is aggravating to actuate whether it can accomplish the about-face from using a merit-based pay plan to an incentive-based pay plan. As the HR manager, it is your albatross to explain anniversary pay plan to your company’s lath of admiral and articulation an assessment about whether the aggregation could auspiciously accomplish the switch. In addition, you charge explain your choice. Create a PowerPoint presentation in which you ascertain anniversary blazon of pay plan and explain the similarities and differences amid them. Also, you will accurate an assessment about which pay plan would assignment best and why you feel this way. In your addition slide, accommodate a fabulous name, aggregation size, and what the aggregation manufactures. Your presentation should abide of no beneath than 10 slides, not counting the appellation accelerate and advertence slide(s). You are appropriate to enchance the presentation by abacus apostle addendum to explain the advice on anniversary slide. Any references used, including your textbook, should be cited and referenced application APA formatting. The  Unit II PowerPoint APA certificate is a accessible ability on creating a PowerPoint presentation application APA style.

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