Unit I Assignment

  Instructions This appointment will accord you an  opportunity to administer the concepts accomplished in this unit. You will complete  this appointment in two parts.  Part 1 requires a abbreviate accounting response.  Part 2 involves alive problems based on provided accomplishments  information. Examples of how to complete these problems can be activate in  the Assemblage I Introduction and associated videos presented in the unit.  Both genitalia of the appointment will be  completed application a worksheet on which you will appearance your appointment and accommodate  your answers to the questions listed. A articulation to the worksheet is  provided beneath the instructions.  Part 1 Tyson and Ella appointment at the Ruby Red  Movie Theater in town. Afterwards work, they adjudge to watch a movie. Afterwards  purchasing their tickets, they stop by the acknowledgment angle and acquirement  popcorn, drinks, and candy. Use the annular breeze diagram to call  the purchases that Tyson and Ella fabricated and the casework and appurtenances that  were provided to them. Your acknowledgment charge be at atomic 75 words in length.  Part 2 Background information: As mentioned in Part 1 of this  assignment, Tyson and Ella appointment at the Ruby Red Cine Theater. Tyson can  produce 100 accoutrements of airheaded or 50 hot dogs in one hour. His coworker,  Ella, can aftermath 100 accoutrements of airheaded or 30 hot dogs in an hour. Answer  the afterward questions based on this information. Use the worksheet to  show your appointment and accommodate your answers.   Part A: If Tyson and Ella  attempted to aftermath both airheaded and hot dogs, how abounding accoutrements of airheaded  and hot dogs could anniversary aftermath alone per hour? What would be  the absolute cardinal of accoutrements of airheaded and hot dogs produced by the two  workers combined? (Show your work.)      Part B: Calculate the befalling amount of bearing accoutrements of airheaded for anniversary worker. (Show your work.)      Part C: Calculate the befalling amount of bearing hot dogs for anniversary person. (Show your work.)      Part D: Determine how abounding accoutrements of airheaded should be produced by anniversary artisan per hour. (Show your work).      If anniversary artisan should specialize in  producing airheaded or hot dogs, explain why; use bread-and-butter analogue  that you accept abstruse in this assemblage in your explanation.  Finally, how abounding absolute accoutrements of airheaded and hot dogs will be produced per hour by the two workers accumulated afterwards specialization? Part E: What abeyant ethical  issues could appear from authoritative the accommodation to accept both advisers  specialize in bearing airheaded or hot dogs? Name and explain at atomic  two issues.      When you are accessible to activate your assignment, admission the  Unit I Appointment Worksheet in Blackboard                .  Once you accept completed all sections  of Genitalia 1 and 2 of the assignment, you will save and upload the  worksheet into Blackboard. Name your book “Unit I Appointment  Worksheet_YourName” (replace “YourName” with your own name). Make abiding  you accommodate your name and chic area at the top of the worksheet. Any  sources used, including the textbook, charge be referenced; paraphrased  and quoted actual charge accept accompanying citations. All references and  citations acclimated charge be in APA Style. 

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