Unit 4 Assignment – Six Sigma Tools and Practice Exercise

  Instructions Complete the afterward problems (100 credibility total) Identify an important botheration about a school, church, or advance group, and ascertain a acceptable Six Sigma project. Create an outline of a activity allotment and analyze the important CTQs. (30 points) Provide a SIPOC diagram that identifies the suppliers, inputs, processes, outputs, and barter that defines the boundaries of the activity you articular in catechism one. (20 points) You are asked by the buyer of a bounded auberge alternation to advance a chump achievement analysis to actuate the allotment of barter who are annoyed with service. In the accomplished year, 20,000 barter were serviced. The buyer desires a 95 percent akin of aplomb with an acceptable statistical absurdity of ±0.01. From accomplished estimates, she believes that about 3.5 percent of barter accept bidding dissatisfaction. What sample admeasurement should you use for this survey?  Explain your answer. After the calculation, accommodate a abrupt account of which of the bristles key ambit of account affection -- reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, or admiration -- should be emphasized in the achievement survey. Why? (20 points) A administrator at SmallBell, a baby blast company, wants to actuate how continued account technicians charge to accomplish a assertive repair. In the past, an about identical adjustment appropriate 22.75 minutes, with a accepted aberration of 0.3 minutes. Compute the sample admeasurement of times defective to be calm to ensure that they can be 90 percent assured of accurately ciphering the adjustment time if the administrator is accommodating to abide an absurdity amount of 0.04. Explain your answer. (10 points)  Develop cause-and-effect diagrams for the afterward problems. Choose two of the four examples (you will charge to abide two diagrams). (20 points) Poor brand on an exam No job offers Late for assignment or school A collapsed tire

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