Unit 3: Major Writing Assignment 3

I charge advice alteration my autograph appointment with the corrections in the attachment. Apparently I didnt accommodated all the requirements, the corrections are from a antecedent assignment, but I deceit abide this appointment until I apparatus the guidelines from the antecedent assignment You were to address an article in which you acquaint your classmates to a association you accord to. You were to call your observations about the community's values, habits of mind, accent practices, and how this association has shaped your own identity. Your above antecedent of advice should be your own observations and recollections of your community.  Your article should be amid 750 and 1,250 words and should be centered on a accurate bulletin or focus. Your article should accomplish cogent use of description, examples, and account to allegorize your focus, and should allegorize some of the access amid language, community, and identity.   You were to use MLA guidelines for certificate design, as able-bodied as accommodate a awning letter acclamation the four prompts.  

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