unit 10 assignment

  Health action briefs accommodate blunt overviews of bloom action topics. The advised admirers is policymakers, journalists, and others anxious about convalescent bloom affliction in the United States. The briefs analyze arguments from capricious perspectives of a action proposal. They adviser accessible analysis abaft anniversary perspective. Bloom action briefs are created by experts in the acreage through allotment from accessible and clandestine grants. Select one action abrupt from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Bloom Action in Brief. https://www.rwjf.org/en/library/collections/health-affairs-briefs.html Identify the primary affair discussed in the brief, abridge the brief, and accompaniment the accord of the affair to APN practice Account at atomic 3 strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and/or disadvantages of the issue Describe at atomic 3 solutions or recommendations for the issue In your role as an APN, account at atomic three means you would apostle for or adjoin the action implementation? In your assignment, you may booty the position either for or adjoin the action proposal, or both. Length: 3-4 pages absolute of awning folio and references. Support  with a minimum of three bookish references.

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