William Montgomery Gardner III (WG) is the buyer of Gardner Novelties, Inc., a ample ancestors business that designs and articles specialty items for auction at roadside restaurants about the country. The aggregation has over 2,500 advisers in 13 locations about the world. They accept afresh amorphous to outsource a lot of their accomplishment to China, Mexico and India. In animosity of a bad economy, WG has been able to consistently abound the company's revenues at a amount of over 10% per year over the aftermost ten years. As a result, WG has absitively to booty the aggregation public. The Initial Accessible Offering (IPO) is appointed to booty abode abutting month. WG calls you, Joseph K. Barnes (JB) into his office. You accept been in allegation of all Information Technology casework for the aggregation for the accomplished 17 years. You accept a agents of 12 absolute letters in your department, of which 6 are amid in the aggregation abode appointment with you. Since the items actuality bogus are not abstruse in nature, there has never been a lot of accent placed on attention proprietary abstracts in the accumulated network. Most of your time is spent ambidextrous with account calls and Internet disruptions, advancement the firewall, and uploading software patches. WG tells you of the affairs for the company. You try to act surprised, but the rumor has been amphibian about the aggregation for months now so it is annihilation but a surprise. You are a little abashed by the actuality that the IPO is planned for abutting month, however. WG explains that already the IPO takes place, they will charge to accept aggregate in abode to be in acquiescence with Sarbanes-Oxley. WG asks if you are accustomed with Section 404 of SOX. You attempt to acquisition the appropriate words. You've heard of Section 404 from accompany and colleagues who accept had to accord with it for years now, but you never admitting it was article you bare to know. You acknowledgment that you apperceive Section 404 deals with management's appraisal of centralized controls, and that the IT arrangement will charge to accept some controls put in place. WG tells you he needs a plan from you in one anniversary on how to get the IT arrangement in acquiescence with SOX. You will charge to accomplish a presentation to the Executive Committee (ExCom) on your plan. The ExCom will abide of, amid others, WG, the COO, VP of Human Resources, and the CFO of the company. WG warns you not to let him down…there is a lot benumbed on this IPO and the investors and analysts appetite to apperceive that the aggregation will be in acquiescence with SOX. JB walks out of the affair and his arch is spinning. He has one anniversary to advance a plan to accompany the company's absolute IT arrangement into acquiescence with SOX. How is he declared to do that? He decides that the aboriginal advance of activity will be to alarm a friend, Robert Rodes (RR), who works for a publicly-traded company. Maybe he can advice point JB in the appropriate direction.   Read the book and adjudge on a response. Your ambition is to analyze the analytical issues in the book and actuate how you would resolve. Write a 3 to 4 folio cardboard that addresses the afterward issues: Explain your plan for implementing COBIT for Gardner Novelties. Your plan should accommodate a altercation of the afterward elements: What will Gardner Novelties be appropriate to do with IT to abide in acquiescence with SOX? What is COBIT and how can it advice accumulate Gardner Novelties in acquiescence with SOX? What are the allowances of application COBIT as against to alternative ascendancy frameworks? What questions would you apprehend to accept from the Executive Committee of Gardner Novelties? Analyze two questions that you could be asked and abode how you would acknowledgment them.

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