Trade Article Repor

To:IEE 1020 Students
Mr. Place
Subject: Trade Article Report
October 26th, 2022
Give me a bridge (“As you requested on Friday, I located a trade. . .”, and tell me the purpose of this
assignment (“This has helped me decide on a topic for. . .”) Then let me know what sections are
coming up: APA citation, How to Find It, Content, Characteristics, and Conclusion. This is called a
forecast statement. You can combine this with the whom it might help idea (from the instructions), as
in “The following sections will show students how to cite this, how to find. . .”
APA Trade Journal Citation Form
Mills, K. (2021). Delivering wind turbines to New Mexico. Logistics Technology, 22 (5), 10-11.
How to Find It
Give me a complete transition sentence before the itemized list. Something like . . .
The following steps will help someone in my major find a trade article:
1. Give me at least five direct commands, like this one you’re reading, to help your reader find
this article or one like it.
Summarize the trade article here. Briefly tell me the author’s purpose for writing this article, and give
me five to ten major findings or key “take aways” in your own words. This should be at least seven
lines long.
You must compare and contrast a trade article and scholarly article. Give me another full and complete
transition sentence (something like “A trade journal article differs from a scholarly journal article in
the following ways:” Then list at least 5 characteristics that separate the trade journal article from the
• Authors of trade articles are …; whereas the authors of scholarly articles are. . .
• The trade journal article uses technical writing strategies such as …
• A scholarly journal article would not have. . .
• Compared to scholarly articles, a trade article’s style is. . .
• Sentences in a trade journal article are . . .; whereas syntax in a scholarly is. . .
• Compared to scholarly articles, visuals in a trade article . . .
Please answer the questions from step 4 of the instructions. It’s always good to end a
business message with a request for a follow-up message.
Trade Article Report
Your report must exceed one page this time.
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