Today, the status of gold mining

Gold mining is the abstraction of gold from the accumulation of gold-rich process. There breadth array of techniques can be mined from the accumulation of the gold, the best archaic way is gold, again afterwards Gold Separation Accessories Sieving. Currently on automated multi- antiseptic gold cyanide, but cyanide toxic, and accordingly are developing new gold abstraction reagents. Gold mining above ways: accessible pit gold mining can be disconnected into two and underground mining to underground mining based. Suitable for open-pit mining in accepted and micro-fine gold placer mining. Placer gold mining has two mining and bogus gold mining ship, the above is acclimated in eluvial breadth and the attendance of a ample cardinal of base alluvium riverbed areas to dig for gold richer bogus border for the purpose. Accepted dug placer exists alone in some baby assisting ore, ore brand of 0. 02 g / m3 can be added profitable. Some gold mining river baiter is larger, added abiding gold brand gold layer, bogus profits or difficult to dig a ample gold mining aggregation beneath the gold mining breadth to the way all-embracing mining, gold mining address costs are commonly up millions of dollars, and accordingly requires a ood gold mining operation area. Underground mining is the capital way Chinese gold mining, because best of the Chinese gold drop is concealed, semi-concealed orebody, requires the use of accessible aperture means to abundance gold In South Africa, the world's best avant-garde gold mining beeline aperture to a abyss of 3,000 meters. Since gold active abysmal underground, sulphide mineral-based gold mining requires a college ore grade, simple another minimum sulphide ore industry requirements in 2 grams / ton, mined at an boilerplate brand of 4 g / ton to accumulation . Depending on the complication of he gold brand of ore types and alternative alternative associated minerals may be, no advantageous elements of aerial addled aerial arsenic sulfide gold ore is appropriate to ability a favorable 7-10 g / t mined before. As alternative above minerals associated minerals, such as zinc, chestnut associated brand generally in one gram / ton, alone in the case of alternative minerals as a accompaniment to assisting mining. With the development of science and technology, gold mining accessories and Gold Separation Accessories are in connected innovation, I accept that one day in the abreast gold mining will become abundant easier.

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